The SUKU Team

SUKU Newsletter: June 2020

We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy in the midst of the ongoing global circumstances. The SUKU Team continues to work remotely, and continues to progress towards a more transparent and consumer-focused future.

Hunter Newby is an entrepreneur, investor, conservationist and the owner of Newby Ventures. His primary field of interest has been network infrastructure. As Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer and a Director of Telx, he pioneered the carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room and the development of carrier hotels and data centers in the United States leading to massive value creation and economic development throughout the Country. Since the sale of Telx he has been and continues to be a founder, developer and investor in the creation of multiple network-neutral infrastructure businesses all across North America.

When asked about his sentiment on becoming part of the SUKU Team, Hunter stated: ”I have seen this movie before with the transition from legacy TDM protocols to IP and lived through the doubters and skeptics who all became believers and now simply forget the past. Blockchain will too become part of the fabric of everyday life and taken for granted in the same way IP has been. The scale of blockchain makes IP, and the Internet itself, look small in comparison and that is what excites me most about SUKU.”

Hunter has served on multiple company boards, is a published author, public speaker and has been quoted in several publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today. He has also been the recipient of numerous awards including being named to the Global Telecoms Business Top 40 Under 40 in 2010. Hunter earned a B.S. in Communications from Drexel University.

Find Hunter on Linkedin or Twitter as well.

As highlighted in the last newsletter, we announced our authenticity solution with Smartrac (an Avery Dennison Company [NYSE: AVY]) for COVID-19 tests and personal protective equipment. Since the announcement, we have received extensive coverage on the solution. For full details on the solution, see the Press Release on Avery Dennison’s website or check out the Chamber of Digital Commerce blog post. Additionally, the “SUKU Verify” application used in this solution is live on the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

As part of our partnership with Duke University, SUKU has been collaborating with Duke MBA scholars, focused on enhancing SUKU’s go-to-market strategy, particularly in foreign markets.

We are impressed with the ingenuity, insights, and analysis that the Duke MBA team provided. We look forward to sharing more details with the community soon!

Thank you so much to our friends at Duke University!

In the spirit of the community’s collaborative values, the SUKU Team is beginning to open-source pieces of our technical infrastructure. We hope our technology can provide even more opportunities and avenues for developers and partners to build on the SUKU Ecosystem.

Below is just a sampling of the repositories we are releasing:

suku-ethereum-node-api — Used to abstract the blockchain logic and provide easy REST-based access to Ethereum functionality. Calls to the suku-ethereum-node-api can be facilitated through the complimentary suku-ethereum-node-api-client-llib.

suku-web-components-library — A collection of web components utilized to build the several SUKU Web Applications. They are written in TypeScript and depend on the Angular 2.0 library.

doc-auth-lib — The SUKU Blockchain Document Authenticator Library provides a streamlined method to submit blockchain proofs of various forms of data. Once proofs are submitted, the data can be verified in the future to confirm that it has not been tampered with.

The past few months have resulted in some exciting achievements and advancements for our team members!

Lucas Henning | CTO

Formerly our most experienced Blockchain Architect, Lucas Henning has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. With his deep technical expertise, including over a decade of professional experience in cybersecurity, blockchain, and cryptography, Lucas will be setting the technical vision to enable SUKU to become the leading provider of blockchain-powered supply chain applications.

“With extensive blockchain knowledge and the most advanced industry partners, SUKU has the potential to transform and enhance a wide range of supply chain processes around the globe. Our team is fast-moving and proud to be at the forefront of this new era of supply chain,” said Lucas.

Garrett Lee | Product Manager

Formerly a Blockchain Analyst, Garrett Lee has been promoted to Product Manager, coordinating the design, development, and execution of various SUKU products and services.

Congrats, Garrett!

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